The Benefits of Workforce Knowledge Retention

Currently, organizations of all sizes and industries are benefiting from their most important resource, their – workforce knowledge! Our specialist breaks down the knowledge management (KM) jargon into plain and simple terms to provide you with information you can use to make decisions and understand: What is knowledge management Why is it important in today’s workplace? Workforce knowledge retention Workforce knowledge transfer Corporate Collaboration Corporate Crowd Sourcing Why it’s applicable […]

Reducing the “Tax” on Taxonomies

Information is power, but the interpretation of information is more powerful.  Well, if you are going to attempt to interpret information to create knowledge, you better be able to find the right information! Organizations want and need a way to classify (tag) content for the primary purpose of locating it throughout its life cycle.  They often implement “Controlled Taxonomies” which are fraught with limitations for users and require plenty of administration. Establishing and using […]

Knowledge Management and the Organization

My goal for this blog is not add to the deluge of common issues about Knowledge Management (KM).  Although, I may fail at my goal, I hoped my readers would help shed light on topics to guide the direction of the conversations in this blog.  Well… sometimes you get what you pray for! In my previous post, “Better Knowledge Management for the Knowledge Worker“, a reader of my post commented, […]

Better Knowledge Management for the Knowledge Worker

How many of you spend lots of time wading through the wikis, blogs and content in your organization trying to find a relevant place to deliver your new big idea?  A more likely scenario is that you add to the Collaboration-SPAM by creating a new wiki, blog or heaven’s no – an e-mail!  An even bigger problem is, whom should you target with your new big idea?  Your typical Knowledge […]